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What  is a H.M.O?

A house of multiple occupancy (HMO as defined by the Housing Act 2004) is a building (or part of a building) in which households share amenities like kitchen or bathroom facilities and where the living accommodation is occupied by persons who do not form a single household.

How we can increase your rental income

We can substantially increase your rental income monthly by maximising the potential by using our unique model. Unlike your regular high street agent, we maximise our clients rental income and pass on the profits to our landlords while charging a small manageable fee. 

We can guarantee your H.M.O conversion will generate a higher net income then the traditional buy-to-let model.

Benefits of H.M.O management

  • Increase rental % yield

  • Add value to your investment

  • Reduce void periods

  • Discounted management fee

Example of a H.M.O managed property - 

4 Bedroom House with 2 bathrooms, communal living room, communal kitchen/diner and a private rear garden in Tooting, London, SW17

Regular Buy-To-Let 

Regular Tenancy


Rent per month £2600.00


Management Fee 10% + VAT (£260.00 + VAT = £312.00)

Net Rent £2288.00 per month

Great Newport Ltd's H.M.O Model

H.M.O Tenancy


Rent per month £3750.00


Management Fee 8% + VAT (£300.00 + VAT = £360.00)

Monthly Gas & Electric £150.00

Monthly Water Bill £25.00

Council Tax £100.00

Wifi Broadband £50.00

Cleaner £60.00

Net Rent £3005.00 per month

From the above two tenancies, our H.M.O model would net you £717.00 per month ( £8604.00 p.a) more than the regular buy-to-let tenancies. Thats a staggering 31% increase in income. ​

Low Fees
Full Management
All bills included (landlord pays bills)
Property provided fully furnished (to a high standard)
31% Increase in income
Professional tenants
Property may need to be slightly modified (subject to initial inspection)
H.M.O Model
Property must be maintained at all times
Growth in your investment
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